Naolys Audit et Conseil

Assistance comptable et fiscale
Accountancy and tax assistance

Support for your accounting and tax obligations, ranging from book-keeping through to the auditing of annual accounts.

Accompagnement juridique et social
Support in legal and social matters

Drafting legal documents relating to the operation of the business and social management of executives and employees and payroll compliance.

Contrôle de gestion et reporting
Management Reporting and Control

Implementation of management tools adapted to your environment and preparation of periodic reporting.

Expertise - Conseil
Accountancy expertise and advice

Tailor-made support at each key stage of your company's life (forecast income statements, investment simulations, business or asset valuations, fundraising ...).


A tailored solution: we provide a customized service responding to your needs and constraints. The tools we provide are recognized by the profession and you benefit from our leading solutions for digitization and access to your data.

We provide services to commercial companies, associations, public institutions as well as works councils and trade unions.


Accountancy and Tax assistance

You need assistance with your accounting and tax obligations on a case by case basis or want to outsource the entire accounting and administrative function to a trusted professional.

You want help preparing annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes) and reports based on various accounting standards.

We take on full or partial responsibility for all accounting entry work, preparation of your annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes) as well as your periodic returns for the tax administration, in order to guarantee the reliability of information in compliance with regulatory deadlines (or according to specific deadlines for your company or group).

We review your accounting documents and prepare your annual accounts (balance sheet, income statement and notes) and establish a report with our findings which we present to management.

Our services are modular and scalable and our fees costs are transparent. At your request, we can also carry out the administrative management of your business.

Support in legal and social matters

Support for business creation

A start-up, business acquisition or an association ? We support you in the different phases, far beyond the legal issues, for example: feasibility study, building the business plan, fundraising, advice from banks, choice of the legal form, administrative formalities.

Legal support

We support you in drafting legal documents related to the company including:

  • Minutes of meetings, share accounts and legal registers
  • Capital transactions
  • Mergers, divisions, liquidations, transfers of estate assets
  • Sales of shares or similar securities

Social management

Unanimously perceived as a sensitive and constantly-changing issue, social business management requires special expertise and regular availability.
With a dedicated department, we provide you with answers and solutions in the following areas:

  • Preparation of pay slips and corresponding social statements, including on-line filing and payment on your behalf
  • Social monitoring and assistance in the establishment of annual returns
  • Audit of social compliance
  • Preparation of employment contracts and records for the hiring process
  • Assistance in obtaining grants and exemptions

We can also assist you in your specific procedures and work disputes through our specialized legal partners.

Management Reporting and Control

You want to track your business performance with a reliable and relevant reporting system and/or develop accounts according to multiple standards (French GAAP, IFRS, "management accounts") on behalf of your parent company or your shareholders.

Beyond the aspects of your bookkeeping and establishing your annual accounts, we support you in steering your business and in decision making through tools that we design together, to meet your needs and constraints:

  • Support and implementation of management tools adapted to your business environment
  • Implementation of management accounting tools
  • Identification and periodic monitoring of performance indicators
  • Determination of production costs, study of break-even point
  • Preparation of dashboards including desired accounting information

Accountancy expertise and advice

You wish to be supported in the implementation and monitoring of the financial strategy of your company or your assets?

As certified accountants, we advise you and can offer tailor-made solutions for each key life stage of your company (creation, business recovery, acquisition, transfer,…):

  • Developing business forecasts
  • Optimizing the acquisition structure for property and other investments
  • Simulating investment scenarios
  • Company valuations
  • Support with banking relationships and fundraising