Naolys Audit et Conseil

Commisariat aux comptes
Statutory Audit

Certification of annual and consolidated accounts of commercial companies, public institutions and associations.

Audit d'acquisition
Acquisition Audit

Support for external growth projects by conducting acquisition audits covering both financial and operational issues.

Commissariart à la transformation
Statutory Audit For Transformations, Contributions and Mergers

Perform regulated audit procedures for specific reorganization transactions.

Autres missions
Other Audit Assignments

Specific procedures requested by companies to increase comfort on specific items related to financial statements.


Whether statutory or contractual, an audit helps to ensure the provision of secure and reliable financial information in an increasingly complex environment.
Beyond our professional audit standards and requirements, we adapt our approach for each client, taking into account the specific context (size, industry, economic environment), needs and expectations.

Our approach is based, in particular, on:

  • Obtaining a clear understanding of the company's environment
  • Identification of key issues and risks
  • Reviews of internal control procedures
  • Strong partner involvement
  • Clear, concise and constructive communication with the client's management


Statutory Audit

In accordance with our professional obligations and in support of standards, our audit is pragmatic, tailored to your organization, your challenges and your risk areas. We always present our findings to management committees, highlighting the strengths and areas for improvement in a constructive manner to enable process improvement and sound financial reporting. Our findings may also be submitted to group auditors when requested.

We certify:

  • annual and consolidated accounts of corporations (French subsidiaries of international groups, mid-caps, SMEs and family businesses), associations, trade unions and public institutions.
  • consolidated financial statements according to French and international standards ("IFRS"). With a background of over 15 years experience in an international audit firm, our Partners have the expertise to support companies making IPO's on regulated markets.

Acquisition Audit

We support our clients in their acquisition projects by carrying out acquisition audits covering both financial and operational issues.

These assignments, carried out at the request of our clients, provide a level of assurance on the financial statements of a target either pre-acquisition or during the "post-deal" phase ensuring consistency with the rules and methods of the purchasing group.

Depending on your needs, we adapt our procedures to ensure that our work and reports are structured appropriately:

  • Audit report
  • Limited Review report
  • Agreed procedures report

Statutory Audit For Transformations, Contributions and Mergers

Our firm is able to provide you with support on all regulated assignments such as contributions, mergers and divisions. We also assist our clients within the framework of the transformation of the company (transformation auditor, auditor for specific benefits, ...).

Other Audit Assignments

At the request of its clients, Naolys carries out other audit assignments in order to provide business stakeholders with increased comfort and confidence. Depending on the situation, these assignments can be in the form of contractual audits, limited reviews, consultations, certification or agreed procedures:

  • Opinions on accounting and financial data (in the context of litigation, grants, procurement contracts or financing)
  • Audit of research costs on behalf of the European Commission (Seventh Framework Programme - FP7)
  • Contractual Audits for specific needs (audits of interim financial statements, acquisition or disposal operations, royalty audits)
  • Review of risks and internal controls (identified risks, process review or specific financial aggregates)
  • Review of forecast data
  • Consultations on complex accounting treatments and their impact on financial information