Naolys Audit et Conseil

Assistance financière et juridique
Financial and Legal Assistance

Outsourcing of accounting, legal and social law support for French subsidiaries of foreign groups.

Tax compliance
Tax compliance

VAT, corporation tax and other direct and indirect taxes, fiscal mandate.

Audit légal
Statutory and Contractual Audit

Certification of annual accounts of French subsidiaries of foreign groups and other contractual audits.


Preparation of periodic reporting according to your IFRS standards or 'management accounting' methods and Group consolidation reporting packages.


As a foreign Group you may wish to invest in France or develop an activity without having to manage the numerous local tax, social and accounting issues.

As a French Group you may wish to obtain reassurance or comfort in relation to your overseas subsidiaries or investments.

Whether you are a foreign shareholder in French companies or a French group with overseas subsidiaries, we are able to assist you in France or abroad in the following issues:


Financial and Legal Assistance

Naolys supports you in the administrative management of your business throughout your French locations:

  • Accounting outsourcing, in liaison with your correspondents in France, according to the specifications defined by your Corporate Head Office
  • Support in company creation in liaison with the "Legal" department of your Group, taking into account the specific requirements related to the ownership of a French company by a foreign group
  • Annual legal returns and monitoring (general meetings, etc.) for compliance with French laws and regulations
  • Employment law expertise, secondment of expatriate staff in France
  • Basing your company in France
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Tax compliance

Naolys can interact with the French tax offices on your behalf to ensure the timely and transparent preparation of your declarations in France:

  • VAT
  • Corporation tax
  • Local and other taxes
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Statutory and Contractual Audit

Naolys can interact with your Head Office auditors and meet their requirements as defined in their audit instructions. Furthermore, where necessary or required, Naolys can present the findings of our audits directly to Head Office management.

  • Certification of annual statutory accounts

    Whether it is consolidated or not within your Group, we can ensure that the main issues identified during our audit are submitted to the Group's stakeholders in France and abroad.

    We can assist French entities of foreign Groups as well as foreign entities of French groups in order to:

    • Issue an opinion on the accounts or the consolidation package based on the Group's standards
    • Review specific aggregates of the balance sheet or the profit and loss account
    • Carry out a targeted review of the internal controls
  • Carry out internal audit assignments within French and foreign subsidiaries
  • Audit consolidation packages established for the requirements of the Group consolidation
  • Due diligence for acquisitions or divestments liaising with the Group's Finance and « M&A » departments
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Naolys assists your entity in France in the preparation of management reports and reporting to the Group, including:

  • Consolidation reporting packages
  • Group Reporting Statements
  • Reconciliation of French GAAP to the Group's accounting methods
  • Specific aggregate reporting
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